Feeding table
Flat plate type rotary feeding table
Flat plate type rotary feeding table
* Simple framework, multiple adjustment, simple operation.
* Customized workpiece capacity suitable for small and medium type machine.
* Driven by electric element( servo motor optional), plate jig is located by ranks and plenty of workpiece can be stored.
* Feeding and blanking by manual, simple operation, circle feeding in big quantity and proper order with fixed procedure.
Lift rotary feeding table
Lift rotary feeding table
* Fit for round plate, can be stacked, the workpiece with specific angel is not necessary.
* Adjust the position of the guide bar, can be suitable for the workpiece with certain size range.
* Circled by the chain, standard num. Of the plate is 16 sets, it can be customized.
* Multi-points location of the plate. Precision +/-2mm, accuracy position.
* Empty alerter is HMI design, when processing numbers up to max, it will warn and stop feeding and inform the staff to feed.
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Workpiece range 20-150 mm 30-200 mm 45-250 mm
Weight per plate 45 kg/Pallet 80 kg/Pallet 125 kg/Pallet
Ground area (LxWxH) 450×2000×1350 mm 550×2700×1350 mm 650×3200×1350 mm
Stacking height 350mm
Min. Thickness 3mm
feeding table standard specification
Electric control
* Handheld HMI
1. Special handheld touch control screen, water proof, oil proof, impact resistant.
2. Operation interlock function build in, prevent mistake press.
3. Chinese, english language can be chosen.
4. Integrated machine, single control, clear interface, message display in time, signal monitor.
* High level formula grammar
1. Customer oriented software design, easy to study.
2. Compound instruction, easy to use, formula designer can arrange movement procedure.
* High extensibility
  reserved each 4 sets of input, output terminals, can plan application by yourself.
* Main framework
1. Mitsubishi series programmed controller and location modular
2. Mitsubishi servo driven and motor
3. Hand held touch type instruction.
Servo Motor
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